Friday, 31 March 2017


Learning to write code has never been so much fun!

The Arduboy is a credit card sized Game boy style console with a basic OLED 128x64 screen, which has an Arduino chip at it's heart (ATmega 32u4), so it can be programmed in the same way as an Arduino using the Arduino IDE.

I originally bought this as a learning platform, writing a game I could share as the end result I had a good incentive to give this a go, the first thing I came across was a friendly and helpful community and website (Arduboy)
I found programming hard (and still do) but found it's important to aim for something that you have an end goal to and to keep motivated, for me the Arduboy was it, I have never learnt as much about programming than when I just dived in and started to give it a go, reading all the books in the world doesn't make up for experience, I had and still do have a large amount of errors in my code, but it's getting better, my friend Les Pounder taught me about failing F.A.I.L = First attempt in learning, and you sure need to be prepared to some "why on earth isn't this working" moments, but please keep going, it's worth it!

If you have or are going to get an Arduboy, please enjoy my game, click on the title below.

Boris goes skiing

A big thank you to my friend Mike McRoberts (The Arduino guy) for all your help.

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