Friday, 8 April 2016

International Space Station on the Raspberry Pi 2

Having a play with ISS above, a very cool Raspberry Pi image for the raspberry pi 2, to view international space station cameras, tracking and info.

ISS above website

However not having access to rasp-config setting and no GUI to update I used my phone with SSH juice (lots of similar apps available) to update and make the connections a bit safer as follows.

Your IP address will be shown on the screen a few seconds after starting ISS above.

sudo apt-get update 
Updates your raspberry Pi.

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Upgrades your Pi and installs security patches.

sudo apt-get install ufw 
installs UFW (uncomplicated fire wall) .

$ sudo ufw default allow
This sets the default policy to allow, this will allow your connection from any port to your Raspberry Pi after your firewall is enabled.

$ sudo ufw enable
Starts the firewall.

$ sudo ufw allow 22/tcp  
Allows incoming TCP connections to port 22 (for SSH).

$ sudo ufw allow 80/tcp  
Allows incoming TCP connections to port 80 to access settings via a browser.

$ sudo ufw default deny
This changes the default policy to leave only used ports open. 

$ passwd
Change the default "raspberry" password to something less obvious. 

$ sudo reboot
reboots your Pi.

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