Saturday, 8 August 2015

Windows 10 privacy

Here are some privacy adjustments I made before connecting to the internet and having Microsoft spy on me too much!

I will list the options as they appear in the settings and menus, so you can follow along with another device.

After downloading/installing (this takes ages) choosing location/keyboard layout, you will get to the internet settings screen, don’t connect yet, choose the option to skip.

Select custom settings - (don’t choose express settings.)

Browser and protection screen - switch everything to off.

Personalization screen - switch everything to off.

Make it yours screen - skip this step.

Now Windows will load into the desktop environment, once Windows 10 is loaded, go to Settings - Privacy and disable everything.

General settings - switch all to off.

location - off.

Speech, inking and typing – Turn off Cortana.

Feedback to Microsoft - never in the first box, basic in the second box.

Windows update - automatic update, then open advanced settings - how updates are delivered - switch off update from more than one place.

Windows defender - real time protection - on. cloud based protection - off. sample submission - off.

Network and internet – Wi-Fi – Manage Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi sense – both off.

Then go to the search bar and type in cortana, in cortana settings disable it by switch both options to off.

You can connect to the internet now.

Open your browser - in the Edge browser go to settings - advanced settings – switch on do not track, and block third party cookies.

If you are signed in with your Microsoft account, Microsoft will store your information, passwords, Wi-Fi password etc, if your not happy with this, sign in with a local account (just a user-name) not linked to an email account.


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