Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sonar Project

Help a good cause or just spread the word. The Sonar project is a free of charge Linux operating system to enable blind and visually impaired computer users to be able to download and install this system with a built in screen reader or to install it onto a portable USB stick.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Conky 3 with downloadable code

More conky for crunchbang, feel free to copy and paste, you will have to install lm-sensors to pick up the temperate reading "sudo apt-get install lmsensors"

to display the debian and crunchbang images, put them into a folder and name it .conky then put into your home directory, you will see how conky will pick the images up from the last two lines of the code, you can do this with any image, some .png images have no background which will blend in better with different wallpaper. I will replace the #! image when I find one with no background.

Download the code from here



Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 shutdown/startup problem

There is a bug listed on launchpad, Ubuntu 12.04 and some users on 12.10 where there is difficulty shutting the PC down, leaving the fan running with a black screen. I think this is also related to a start up problem I had where a purple screen would flash for a second then freeze on a black screen. There is advise on Launchpad to disable lightdm, this caused me problems and wouldn't recommend it, try this simple fix first, I think the fault lies with the graphics driver.

I removed the graphics driver first. $ sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
Older versions of Ubuntu came with "additional drivers" package installed as default, you have to add it yourself in the later versions, so open the software centre, type in "additional drivers" install, then open and install the driver (I opted for the non-experimental one) then reboot.

I've had no problems after this.


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