Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fedora 18 hp3520 printer not working

Giving Fedora 18 beta a try with XFCE.

Some nice changes to the yum package manager, seems allot quicker, love Fedora's full disc encryption (as all operating systems should be in my opinion). best Fedora yet??

Had a few problems with installing a HP3520 printer... this was the fix


yum install hpijs
yum install hplip
yum install hplip-common
yum install hplip-libs
yum install gutenprint-cups

to get the scanner working....

yum install simple scan
yum install libsane-hpaio

enter in the terminal or through the new yum extender works both ways.


Friday, 28 December 2012

Conky 2 with downloadable code

Having a play with Conky to show the extra cores in my new processor .

Feel free to use the code, it might need a bit of a change with spacing here and there depending on your screen size, if you have less than 4 cores in your processor just use a # sign before the line of code you don't want to use.


CORE1 ${alignr}${cpu cpu0}%

${cpubar 4 cpu0}

CORE2 ${alignr}${cpu cpu1}%

${cpubar 4 cpu1}

#CORE3 ${alignr}${cpu cpu2}%

${cpubar 4 cpu2}

#CORE4 ${alignr}${cpu cpu3}%

${cpubar 4 cpu3}

if you have more than 4 cores.... well your just a show off.

download code here


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