Saturday, 24 November 2012

Raspberry pi xbmc

New toy through the post today, a Raspberry pi. Thought I would upgrade my TV with it for a first tinker and install the XBMC media centre onto it so I can connect my old TV to the net. 

Connect an SD card to your PC that you would like the media centre installed on (2gb min). Open a terminal (any Debian based distro will be the same process) enter "sudo wget +x"

This will down load the installer.

Then enter "sudo python" to run the script.

You will see an installer like the one below.

Be careful on the next bit as you want to chose the correct drive to write to. The first one is my PC hard drive (/dev/sda:). The second one is my SD card (/dev/sdb:). The drive sizes will give you an extra check you have the right drive.

So in the choice I typed "/dev/sdb:" then enter.

When it's finished, the installer will tell you to put your SD card in your Raspberry pi and start it up, from then it installs itself which takes about 15mins.


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