Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Linux mint debian edition install

LMDE is based on Debian testing, be aware that it won't be as stable as Linux mint, it's also trickier to install with some experiencing update problems, you will also have to manually partition your hard drive, having said that, I think it's worth the effort and rolling releases are kinda cool.

After downloading always check the MD5 checksum, right click on the ISO file, "check MD5 sum"

OK, burn ISO to DVD or USB stick, run LMDE "live" then select install, choose your language/timezone etc until you get to the partition manager.

If you want to install just LMDE on the hard drive delete everything, then select create partition table, then select the main partition and select ex4, then re-size the partion with the arrows or by dragging it back so you have 1gb free, then select this 1gb of blank space and select Linux-swap for this space. then apply.

This will take a minute or so to finish.

You should now have a main partition and a small 1gb swap partition.

Right click on the main dev/sda1 partition and select "manage flags" then tick the "boot" box.

Click on refresh then select the main partition, then right click and set as "assign to root".

Follow the instructions for the name/password etc.

To install grub to the MBR (master boot record) install the grub boot loader on dev/sda

Restart when instructed to, then install the updates.


There have been problems with updates, I found this the smoothest way.

Ignore the Mint updater for now and update in the terminal.

"sudo apt-get update" enter, then enter your root password.


"sudo apt-get upgrade"

You will be given a few choices with replacement packages during the upgrade, the advise on the install manager is to "keep file" as opposed to "install new version". I updated to all new packages with no problems, although in theory this way will be more unstable, so the choice is yours.

after a while you may be stuck at an error message, if so close then reopen the terminal and do "sudo apt-get update" to re-sync then "sudo dpkg --configure -a" then "sudo apt-get upgrade". "enter" after each one.

After such a big upgrade with a new kernel, when finished, you should now reboot and recheck for updates the mint installer should work now.

There seems to be a problem with spell check in Libre office (not working) with this updated version, just update the languages to cure this, 
to install the packages for English and USA are.........

sudo apt-get install myspell-en-gb

sudo apt-get install myspell-en-us.


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