Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Crunchbang #!


My favourite distro at the moment, with a nice & friendly forum following. It takes an age to wipe the drive when encrypting, but when installed it's really fast, even on my daughter's 10 year old laptop which is older than herself.

My Conky code wouldn't work with Crunchbang 11 so cheat by copying/pasting your favourite Conky code into the default setup in the .conkyrc file, and remove the code you don't want displayed. All working now.

Also Spideroak had a small difference in getting it to run, here are the steps.

SpiderOak setup

1 Download the ubuntu/debian version from https://spideroak.com/ and install.

2 Unlike other programmes you have to name this in the settings/gui menu with a capital S & O (SpiderOak) on the execute line or it won't open.

Bluetooth terminal setup

1 sudo apt-get install bluez-gnome bluetooth gnome-bluetooth

2 Right click on desktop screen and select prefferences, openbox config, edit autostart.sh and add the line. (sleep 5s && bluetooth-applet) &

That's it, all lovely.


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