Friday, 6 July 2012

Conky with downloadable code

Conky is a great way to display your system info that also looks good.

To install conky on:

Debian based distros sudo apt-get install conky

Fedora based distros yum install conky

A common problem with Conky is that it will not start up by itself when booting your PC because other apps are loading. After installing, start conky up by typing 'conky' into the terminal, if this works but it dosn't start when booting, you will need to copy the delay script below so that your other apps start up first, so you will not have to start conky manually.

Create a document then save it in your home folder, the '10' is the seconds delay so adjust as necessary.

You can name the doc what you want, but put a full stop before the name. eg: .conkyautostart


#Conky start-up delay script

bash -c "sleep 10; conky"

Then right click on the doc and open permissions and make it executable.

Also all files with a full stop in will be hidden by default so click on view > show hidden files.

The main code will be adjusted in your .conkyrc file in your home folder, Geany is a good text editor to use for this.

Feel free to download my code from here then save it into a doc and name it .conkyrc then put in your home folder, log out then it should start when you log in again.


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