Monday, 12 May 2014

How to text install crunchbang 11 (waldorf)

When trying to install CrunchBang 11 on my Asus 701 4gb eee PC, there was no option to text install, this is because of a bug in the Debian installer, this is how to fix the problem.

Install CrunchBang 32 bit to a USB drive, (I used USB installer in Linux mint).

Boot PC and press ESC to enter boot order menu, then select boot from USB.
Once loaded, use curser keys to highlight install. (Don't press enter yet) then press tab key, this will bring up the installer commands, press the space bar once then type "vga=normal" then press the space bar once, then type "fb=false" then press enter.
This will start the text install, where you can follow the instructions, to install as normal.


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